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Meet Merryn Snare

Merryn is a registered teacher and psychologist, and the combination of these professions is where she is truly comfortable. Understanding how people learn – and what gets in the way of learning has motivated her to develop strategies that everyone can use to improve their wellbeing. This defines Merryn’s approach to psychology which focuses on prevention as much as the cure.

As an educator, Merryn has taught hundreds of children in primary schools as well as giving specialized guidance to parents, teachers and children with learning difficulties. She has also taught for many years in specialist schools where in addition to classroom teaching, she was instrumental in introducing the Makaton Vocabulary, a focused language program coupled with sign language, into Victorian specialist and primary schools.

She is the author of several books and audio resources, including ‘Annihilate Stress and Anxiety’, ‘The Daily Dose’ and the hypnosis-based audio program ‘The PEARLS of Resilience’.
Maintaining her practical, psycho-educational approach to wellbeing and psychology, Merryn has also developed online programs to assist professionals and the general public at large. 

She describes her goal as ‘The Safety Net’: the aim being to ‘catch people when they are stressed, teach them practical stress-management strategies, and prevent them from spiraling down into serious mental health concerns'.

Here's Just a Few of The Clients Merryn's Worked With...

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Customised Corporate Programs

We are all only too aware of the far-reaching ramifications of this Covid-19 pandemic. It is a situation none of us are enjoying – especially those facing an uncertain future. This pandemic has affected everyone, from those who contracted and survived Covid but are unsure of the longer-term health impacts, to every business large and small, be they a successful small business or a large business that has to make significant changes to the way they move their business forward. It is about survival.

Redundancy is a huge part of this, and no business wants to see any of its loyal and hard-working employees becoming a statistic, especially given the concerns of an impending mental health pandemic.

Talk to us Today about our Customised Redundancy Programs for your business. Make a difference and support your team though our programs.

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This action-oriented mentoring group, can fast-track you personal or professional journey. Working with a capped number of participants, the success Circle is focused on learning and growing, creating our personal goals and successes, whilst learning with and from each other.

You know you need an online presence but have you been putting it off because you are sick of the costs and hassles of maintaining an updated website.

Four experienced mums who are also professionals. Our collective professions include psychology and education, pharmacy, and nursing including specializing in sleep, midwifery and maternal and child health care.

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