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Le Fixe System

Imagine letting go of those negative and unhelpful thoughts...
The ones that stop your dreams and goals becoming a reality!

I have worked with many people over the years – and what still alarms me is the number of people – particularly women, who lack the confidence and self-belief to pursue their dreams. Many don’t believe they are capable – or worse still, deserve to live the life they have always wanted!
Things need to change!
What many people don’t realize is that in evolutionary terms, people have always been hard-wired to be on the lookout for threats and problems. For cave-man this was essential for survival. In today’s world, our threats and problems are different – and less intense, but we are still hard-wired in the same way, which shows up in our thinking – and most of it is negative! This negativity can take us to a place of overwhelm, disenchantment, anxiety and more mental health concerns if we don’t learn how to manage it!

As a result I developed the unique Le Fixe System, a process that  helps you understand and take control of your frustrations, leading you to the life you want to live. It is easy to use - I explain the concepts in short, easy video sessions, and I give you the tools to work on between sessions.
There are also many other tips, strategies and resources, that teach you exactly how to use your thoughts in a new beneficial way – a way that can help you to quickly get more of what you want in life!

If you are content to drag on and struggle along with more of the same – stay put. But if you’re really ready to be, do, have more fulfillment, success, joy, happiness, and the life you want and deserve, then simply check out the link to gain instant access to the Le Fixe System.

Your Journey to a Life of Fulfillment and Personal Success Starts Here.....

In This Program You Can Access.....

  • My resource vault full of stress and anxiety-busting strategies
  • The library of articles I have written on a range of psycho-educational topics
  • My eLearning program 'Strengthening the Mind with The P.E.A.R.L.S of Resilience'
  • ​Digital copies of all of my published resources

Strengthening the Mind with 
The P.E.A.R.L.S of Resilience eLearning Program

by Le Fixe

Based on The P.E.A.R.L.S of Resilience audio program, this eLearning program takes you through the  P.E.A.R.LS of Resilience, guiding you on a powerful journey towards personal and inner resilience. The program consists of six modules each with six video lessons. Lesson notes and homework activities accompany every lesson.
This program is included in the Full Le Fixe system Membership, or can be accessed as a stand-alone program.

 Customised Corporate Programs 

by Le Fixe

Surviving and Thriving Through Redundancy

Whether the result of the Covid pandemic, organisation re-structure or achieving greater industry efficiency, in the quest to move a business forward, redundancy is often the unfortunate side-effect.

As an experienced psychologist and trauma responder, I have attended many redundancy announcements over the years, and I have worked with those trying to come to terms with the aftermath.

What I have seen throughout my professional experience is that initially, people are not usually ready or in the right space to talk about their responses or how they feel about being made redundant. They experience such an array of feelings and emotions – most of them negative - and they struggle to understand or accept their responses

Together we can help those whose positions have been made redundant to heal and move forward!

Here's what we cover in 'Surviving and Thriving Through Redundancy' 

  • How the 'four domains' of the human response mechanism are a natural response to stressful and traumatic situations 
  • How to understand and manage thoughts and feelings - including stress and anxiety in relation to redundancy
  • How to prepare the mind for a new future
  • ​Crucial strategies for moving beyond redundancy

Taking My Practice Online Made Easy

The impact of Covid-19 has been widespread and has affected us all. For most, work and business has suffered. For the savvy, they will use this change to develop new directions and different ways of working.

Psychologists have been impacted too. The switch to telehealth and being regarded as an essential service meant we could still practise, but for many, clients cancelled and incomes dropped.

Those offering training have been impacted in a massive way as businesses try to find a way to survive the crisis, and one thing is for sure, despite our arguments that they need our training more than ever, the bottom line is can they afford us and will they prioritize training in their recovery?

Social distancing will be another problem for training, presentations and workshops, and this is where moving to an online format might be your business lifeline!

But as psychologists we all know the importance of ‘reframing’ and this is the perfect time to re-think how we go about our business.

I know there are many psych’s out there who would like to put their great ideas and hard work out there online, but the question is ‘How’? Especially when you have already paid a fortune to have that beautiful website built – that you can’t alter, add to or update without it costing another small fortune! And besides that, it is really outdated!

I have worked with amazing mentors and business people for several years and they have taught me heaps about the way savvy people avoid the pitfalls of the online world – and this is the perfect time for you to learn these secrets to re-vamp your online presence, refresh and invigorate your business, and ultimately free-up your time!

If this sounds like the direction you would like to take, this program is for you. It will guide you on the journey of creating your unique solutions that you can both build and alter as the need arises, and believe me, if I can do this, so can you! The advantage you have is that I have already gone down this path; I have tried many things and settled on what works! You don’t have to spend the time and money sorting this!

This program will guide you through ....

  • The Online Mastery 8-Step system
  • Navigating and Personalizing your Done-for-You Website
  • Presentation tips for creating engaging videos
  • ​Editing tips for your videos
  • ​Current marketing strategies and how to modify them for our industry
  • ​Creating great copy - (it's very different from writing a uni assignment!)
  • ​And so much more ...

Success Circle Mentoring

Are you feeling a frustrated or lost in your personal or professional journey?
Did you expect to have found more success and satisfaction in your world by now?

Are you looking for new directions – but unsure of where or how to start?

I meet many people who are bright, intelligent, kind … yet they feel there is something missing!

It’s as if they are in a rut – more of the same, and as life progresses, they know they need a change. What’s more, they KNOW they have more to offer and to achieve!

It’s as if their inner potential is stuck! They want to achieve so much… yet they can’t work out how to DO IT!

A key player here is your thinking; mindset and self-sabotaging thoughts. But you should also consider who you hang out with! Are they in the same space as you – or are they content to live life on the repeat cycle – more of the same?

If you want to re-set your life and learn the secrets of unlocking your inner potential, as well as hang out with like-minded action-takers, Success Circle Mentoring is for you.

Not only will you uncover your inspirations and gifts for making a difference, you will have guidance every step of the way AND you will be sharing your transformation journey with a new group of savvy switched-on, like-minded friends and colleagues!

If re-framing and re-setting your life sounds like what you have been waiting for, apply to join this exclusive group of action-takers at Success Circle Mentoring today.

Click the button and leave your details so I can be in touch.
I look forward to talking with you soon!

Your Life Cannot Help Taking a New Direction When You Learn to Change What is Holding You Back.....

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