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StressFree Solutions

Annihilate Stress and Anxiety

In This Book You'll Learn...

  • How stress builds and what to do about it
  • How to feed your energy and prevent collapse
  • How to feel calm and relaxed every day
  • Lifelong strategies for stress management
  • To understand how your mind influences the way you feel, and how to use this to your advantage
  • The proven formula for early detection of stress and anxiety

Your investment ONLY $29.95
Plus $8.99 postage and handling

Annihilate Stress and Anxiety
Audio Book

  • The same great content as the physical book
  • Narrated by the author
  • Convenient digital format

Your Investment ONLY $24.99
Digital download

 Annihilate Stress and Anxiety  
Companion Workbook

In this Book You Will.....

  • Find the perfect companion for Annihilate Stress and Anxiety
  • Identify where and when your thinking causes you stress
  • Be guided through exercises to help you better understand and manage your stress and anxiety
  • Learn how to change the parts of your thinking that don't serve you well
  • Learn how to create a balanced life
  • Available as a digital download

Your investment ONLY $29.95
Digital download

The Daily Dose - An Action Journal

This Journal Makes Taking Positive Action Easy By...

  • Explaining the simple ways to maintain a balanced lifestyle
  • Providing simple daily exercises to improve your positivity
  • Monitoring the elements that signal stress build-up
  • Encouraging you to journal your thoughts, goals and achievements
  • Be aware of where your mindset is at

Your Investment ONLY $24.99
Plus $8.99 postage and handling

Harness the Power of the Mind Through Hypnosis 

The power of hypnosis is a gentle, relaxing and powerful way of accessing deep insights and awareness, and making real and lasting changes to your subconscious thought processes. As a result, you can finally deal with those 'blocks' and self-sabotage that manage to hijack your thinking and prevent you from leading the life that you want.

Whether you are someone whose life revolves around avoiding a phobia such as spiders, you want to be in the best possible head-space for a particular activity such as day trading, or you want to create the mindset  to help you achieve your goals, hypnosis can help you to be in charge.

It is a natural, safe and gentle technique to help calm your mind and manage the impacts of stress and anxiety.

These programs were written and recorded by Merryn Snare who also holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis.

The PEARLS of Resilience

We all know that it is easy to lose our sense of our personal balance, but this program has been carefully designed to get you right back on track.

The PEARLS  of Resilience guides you through:

  • Personal Balance
  • Eating Habits
  • Activity Levels
  • Relaxation
  • Logical Thought
  • Sleep

Your Investment only $297
Plus $9.50 postage and handling 

Conquering Spider Phobia

If fear of spiders dominates your life, this audio program will help you..

  • Learn how to change your thinking around spiders
  • Teach you how to relax more so that your thoughts about spiders are calm and logical
  • Stop allowing your fear of spiders to control your life!

Your Investment ONLY $47
Plus $7.50 postage and handling

The Day-Trader's Mindset

Written and narrated by a day-trader for day-traders.... 

  • You know how important a cool mindset is when placing and exiting trades
  • This hypnosis-based mindset tool can help you manage your emotions when trading
  • Prepare your mindset before trading to improve you trading decisions

Your Investment ONLY $47
Plus $7.50 postage and handling

The Programs

Taking My Practice Online Made Easy

Are you a psychologist or allied health practitioner who is looking for an easy and cost-effective way to take their programs and resources online?

Whilst it can be daunting setting up an online presence, especially for small or solo practices, this program was developed by a non- tech psychologist for psychologists. 

It comprises everything I found that I needed to create AND MAINTAIN my online presence - without the techie costs and hassles! 

Success Circle Mentoring

This exclusive mentoring group, with strictly limited numbers provides an opportunity to explore your goals and dreams, and to become a successful action-taker with the support of  your mentor and like-minded colleagues.

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